April 2013: Art MoCo featured new encaustic series "...seem to crash right out of the cosmos."

Aug 2012: Art MoCo featured new work. Read the article.  


This is the one that got away.

Dec 2010: Art Moco chose Peek Behind the Curtain 2.0 as "one of the top five favorites of 2010". "As we look back at the year at Art Moco, this is the one that got away. Should've bought it. Darn." 

A peek is not enough...

Aug 2010: Art MoCo featured new work saying, "A peek is not enough..." Read the article


...painter whose oils beg to be touched.”

June 2005: Art MoCo, a web magazine featuring modern contemporary art news and views. "Brandi Brooks is a San Francisco painter whose oils beg to be touched." Read the article.